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Viking Trowel History

The name of our company (Viking Trowel) was put together by Chris and Kenny. They both served in the army in the 1st battlion the Royal Anglians and the nick name for that battlion is the Vikings. They both served for up to 7-9 years and are very proud with what they achieved. They have carried that dedication and pride into there plastering work over the years. Unfortunatly chris has took a break from plastering and is missed greatly by viking trowel. But kenny has carried viking trowel forward to the for front of plastering with the foundations they created together always creating masterpieces.


The Future


Viking trowel has Always had different plasteres help us with different projects through the years. But one employee really stood out over the years completeing a two year apprenticeship doing plastering. This was brandon he is now fully employed by viking trowel and carrys the plastering ways and traditions created by the founders of viking trowel. If you do happen to come accross brandon why using viking trowel be sure to give im a pat on the back for his incredible work.



Viking Trowel start the 2019 like they ended 2018.

2019 has been a very busy start for viking trowel get in touch for plastering work now so we can get you booked in before the spring.

Viking Trowel all aspects of plastering

we take on all different types of platering projects if you have any questions about plastering then please dont hesitate to contact us and ask thanks viking trowel.


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